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Administration through the web

1. Applying

To apply for an URN:NBN identifier, you have to enter the URL of your document (e.g. http://www.yourdomain.hu/yourdocument.html) in the appopriate text field. After klicking OK, the server checks the presence and validity of your document. If it passes the test (its valid (X)HTML), your get an URN:NBN identifer (e.g. urn:nbn:hu-1234) assigned. The appearing page shows two <meta> tags (HTML and XHTML form); one of those must be inserted in the header of your (X)HTML document (between the <head;> and </head;> tags). After inserting the <meta> element in your document you should click OK and your URN:NBN identifier gets finalized.

2. Modification

If you want to change the URL of a document with a URN:NBN identifier, you have to specify on the Modification page the URN:NBN identifier of the document, its URL and the new URL. The document must be accessible with both URLs. The one at the original URL must contain the <meta> tag with the URN:NBN identifier. After clicking OK the server checks the validity of both documents. In the next step you have to remove the <meta> tag containing the URN:NBN identifier from your old document and make sure it is contained in the one with the new URL. After clicking OK the modification of the URL for the URN:NBN identifier gets finalized.

3. Extension

Additional URLs (copies) can also be specified for an existing URN:NBN. The registration of additional URLs for a URN:NBN identifier is only allowed if the the original document contains (beside the <meta> with the URN:NBN) a <meta> tag containing a regular expression which matches the additional URL (e.g. <meta name="urn.nbn.extension" scheme="regexp" content="^http://solanum\.oszk\.hu/~anonymous/pr1/.*$"> -- would permit the registration of any URL pointing to a document in the ~anonymous/pr1 directory of the server solanum.oszk.hu or in any of its subdirectories).

It is always the original (first registered) document which has to contain the regular expressions for the additional URLs (and which has to be specified as original document in the appropriate text field). The presence of the regular expression is checked always at the time of the registration of the additianal URLs.

4. Deletition

The deletion process is similar to the modification. At the first step the header of your document must contain the <meta> element describing the URN:NBN identifier and before finalizing the deletion it has to be removed from there. The document itself, however, has to be accessible (readable) through the entire deletition process and should be only deleted after its successfull completition. If the deleted document was the only one assigned to the given URN:NBN, the identifier gets permanently removed from the database. Such removed identifier are lost forever, it's not possible to assign URLs to those URN:NBN's anymore.

5. Resolving

Entering the URN:NBN identifier in the appropriate text field, your browser will be redirected to the document with the specified URN:NBN.

6. URL list

Entering the URN:NBN identifier in the appropriate text field, you get a (HTML formatted) list of the URLs having the specified URN:NBN identifier. The original document (if not yet deleted) is listed first.

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